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Case Study

Adding Video & Reducing CPA

Visual assets are crucial to consider when looking at how to reduce your advertising costs. Ad platforms prefer to serve quality content, and by investing in your adverts, as well as your platforms and budgets, you will find your ads reaching far further and returning higher levels of engagement.

Adding video to adverts on social media greatly reduces the CPC and CPM of adverts, as well as increasing interaction rates.

Have you been searching for a way to make your adverts stand out in your customer’s busy social media feeds? Videos incorporate image and sound to make higher quality content, allowing them to cut through the buzz. For this reason, your ads are more memorable and your budget goes a lot further.


  • Proactively expose the brand further
  • Reduce Cost-Per-Acquisition

Client Overview

Higgins Miller is a leading solicitor based in Stockport, specialising in all family law matters. With years of experience across a wide range of cases and circumstances, they boast the ability to take on a plethora of clients. Additionally, they are one of the fewer and fewer legal firms today that will still undertake cases that are eligible for legal aid – a key selling point in a congested field.


Being proactive with our marketing means that when the time comes that the consumers need legal advice, Higgins Miller will be a brand with which they are already familiar and therefore and more likely to contact initially.

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform and this margin is exacerbated when our target market is considered, which is older than the major demographics of Twitter & Instagram and does not rely on the professional status of Linkedin. With our client’s specialism in family law, Facebook’s ability to target specific interests and personal data allowed us to hone our audience to those who may just be beginning their search for legal advice.

We created videos for our Facebook adverts that were based on fresh website content, tailored to seasonal demands in the market. Using malleable stock content that we have full legal access to use, we were able to create moving films that connected with the audience and engaged consumers – proven by higher clickthrough and engagement rates.


  • Facebook Advertising
  • Video Production


Video Ads Reduce CPA By 90%

Month 1

Impressions 114167
Clicks 177
Cost 280.44
CPM 2.46
CPC 1.58


Impressions 140699
Clicks 369
Cost 198.04
CPM 1.41
CPC 0.54

Month 3

Impressions 97983
Clicks 184
Cost 181.24
CPM 1.85
CPC 0.99

Cost reduction from Month 1 to Month 3 = -35.37%

Views increase Month 1 to Month 2 = 108.47%

Impressions increase Month 1 to Month 2 = 23.24%

CPM reduction Month 1 to Month 2 = 42.68%

Adding video to our adverts allowed us to reach more people for far less cost. Our CPM dropped by more than two fifths in the month that we added video to our adverts. In month 3, our potential audience size was far smaller and yet we were still able to garner more clicks than in month 1 whilst reducing the cost by more than one third.

A significant CPM reduction is seen across both months since the introduction of video. Facebook prioritises premium content and its algorithms are geared toward giving its users the perceived best experience. They see video as more engaging and more likely to answer the queries of interested users.

CPC fell significantly, from £1.58 in the month before we added video, compared to an average £0.68 in the 2 months since we introduced video to the adverts. This represents a reduction of 56.92% – less than half of the previous cost.

We reduced the CPA by 90%, which fell to less than one-quarter of the industry standard (source), at just £15.83 for the 2 months since we introduced video to the adverts. Furthermore, in real terms, the cost of acquiring a client was taking the equivalent of two hours of work for the solicitors; it is now just a paltry 15 minutes.

What does this mean for you?

We have the capacity to build video adverts for any industry and cut the cost of your advertising dramatically. We have used video adverts in a range of industries with universal success. Our expertise both in creating video and in targeted advertising uniquely places AsOne to take your ad accounts and reduce your spend, whilst actually improving your reach, impressions and clicks.


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