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Helping Tomorrow’s Talent Prepare for Employment

Tameside 4 Good

February proved to be a busy month for AsOne in terms of supporting the local community.  Tracey Rush represented digital industries, alongside other companies and sectors in and around the borough, by attending Alder Community High School to help the students learn more about youth employment.

Tracey helped students prepare for employment by hosting mock interviews. Each student having completed a job application form would be interviewed to assimilate a real live opportunity, followed by a critique of how the interview went and what considerations could be given to improve an application. This allowed students to experience first hand what a real job application & interview would be like and helped them learn from the experience, taking valuable comments, advice and ideas away that might increase their success rate in the future.

The aim of this day was to build students confidence when considering applying for a job whether that be part time or full time. This was a skill which many students of Alder felt that they were lacking and made the prospect of going out and getting a job a more daunting task.

The contribution from director Tracey Rush and the other volunteers on the day has helped to build the confidence of those who participated and many hope to use the experience to aid them in finding jobs over the summer.

Tracey adds, “I have two boys of my own, 14 & 18, very different personalities and I am sure both would have found the day a challenge to say the least. The students of Alder Community High School did a fantastic job of keeping calm under the pressure. It is unrealistic to assume every individual, youth or not, is able to represent themselves to their best ability when put into such an environment. Having activities around careers and preparation for careers within schools will definitely better support youth employment by preparing young people and encouraging them to be more proactive in their approach for employment”.

AsOne will be looking forward to further helping support & educate the next generation in youth employment and the options that are open to them after education.

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