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End The Fear website helping to raise awareness of domestic violence.

End The Fear WordPress website
End The Fear WordPress website

The End the Fear  WordPress website is a Greater Manchester based organisation run by the GMP which helps those who are victims of domestic violence. They wanted a website which had the connotation of hope with their use of bright colours. The yellow couch was an idea of End The Fear which generated the hashtag #SittingRightWithYou so those who visited the website knew there was a place for them to go to.

The site itself was built on a WordPress  website with a bespoke theme and build. End the Fear has an any easy to use navigation, which has been built with a clear intention of being quick due to the subject matter at hand. Those using the navigation will be able to obtain information quickly and clearly. With the clear boxes over the yellow sofa it is a striking visual that people will not fail to notice. They wanted to make sure that no matter who you are or what your level of experience with computers is, that you would be able to easily navigate their website.

One of the WordPress websites USP’s is that the website is built with your protection in mind. End The Fear has a “Hide this website button’ which sends users to the BBC news web page, leaving no traces of the user being on End The Fear. End The Fear is to support the victims of domestic violence, user safety is a main priority when using the website. This button allows for those who may be in immediate danger or who wish not to raise attention to exit the website in a efficient and discreet manner. This goes along with a ‘Cover your tracks’ button which takes user to a page which holds information on how they can cover their track while they are online.

The website itself is fully mobile responsive with many customisable features such as the sidebar which the clients can log in to and edit. The website has an integrated newsletter sign up for those who wish to receive news from them.

We received this feedback from the client –

What did you think about the individual team members involved on your project, did you find them helpful during the development of your project?

A- We definitely found them helpful, would have been nice to meet them all. They gave us good communication all round throughout the project

One last question, is there anything you feel we can do to improve our service?

A – No, everything was great, excellent even.

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