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Why your website may need TLC more often than you think

Just like visiting a store, first impressions are of the utmost importance when users visit a website. When websites are not regularly updated and maintained not only does the performance decline, but users are often put off by a poor website design, with it only taking a user 0.5 seconds to decide whether they will browse the website or leave.

A website is your online hub to attract customers to either your services or products, it is also a platform to help your company build trust between you and your customers. To ensure business growth your website’s design might need to be updated more regularly than you think. You might be thinking, how do I know my website needs to be redesigned? Well, here are some key points you might identify whilst navigating through your site.

  1. The site looks outdated
  2. Users are having trouble using the site
  3. Your business isn’t moving forward

Visual appeal

As said, your site reflects your business and a poorly designed unstructured website can look unprofessional. Visual appeal to users covers your website’s layout, graphics, as well as content, all of which need to be user-friendly and unique to align with your brand’s image. Having the right visuals, to begin with, results in users wanting to stay on your website.

What do we suggest?

Online design and graphics are ever-improving to set businesses apart and entice users. We suggest that the aesthetics of your website should be updated at least once or twice a year. But, when it comes to content, blogs should be posted on a weekly or monthly basis, to draw in users. Keeping content up to date with what is happening with your business not only builds a trust between you and customers but helps build domain authority.

The users journey

Although you website could look fresh and exciting, if a user is struggling to navigate through the site, an attractive website isn’t going to solve your issues. According to a report, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after having a bad experience. A users journey needs to be simple and effective for you both to gain what you want to achieve when a user visits your site.

What do we suggest?

First you need to understand why customers are struggling to move around your website. Tracking activity on your website can give you a clear indication as to what is and whats not working. With users tending to spend a little amount on a certain page (10 seconds or less), any longer could be an indication of slow speed or poor content.

Your business isn’t moving forward

There could be several factors as to why your business isn’t progressing as well as you hoped and your website could be one of them. We understand if you are in a niche market that it can be difficult to stand out against your competitors, that is why rebranding your site could set you apart.

What do we suggest?

If your company’s goals, mission and purpose is changing to keep up with your competitors, then changing your logo, typography, and colour scheme is essential for your business. Rebranding allows your business to stay current and allows you to change the narrative on potential or current customers portrayal of your company. Rebranding your website design can reposition your business in its marketplace.

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