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Why should you be watching out for Twitter trends?

Twitter Trends
Twitter trends.

We can never go online now without seeing a new hashtag being included on a post. We see them everywhere on Twitter (most of them pointlessly #pointless) But some times those hashtags we see everywhere could be great for your business and get you noticed! These hashtags are known as trends. Trends are what are the most popular hashtags that are being used/searched at the time.

Below we will touch on how you can find trends on twitter, what a recurring trend is and what you should be careful of when using Twitter trends. These tips will help you spot the best Twitter trend for your tweet. These Twitter trends are helpful to your business as they will get your tweet seen by a larger demographic. The likelihood of someone then searching that hashtag increases greatly when it is on the trending page and with 270 million active users seeing that at any given time it is a great way to get your tweets noticed.

Looking for trends

When you are on your Twitter account you will see that there is a ‘Trends’ list. This is a list of the most trending hashtags.Those are what people are typing the most and what are the most popular searches at that moment in time. If you spot a trend that can relate to your company make sure you take advantage of that! If you see a trend that says #ILoveShoes and you sell shoes on your website, use that hashtag! You don’t have to stick to your normal day to day hashtags, let someone else do the hard work and keep a look out for any trending hashtags.

Recurring Trends

There are some trends that you can count on appearing almost weekly for example #ThrowbackThursday. This is where every Thursday you will usually get post about what people/companies used to be like. You could use this weekly trend to show progression in your company. So keep a look out for any that you could use on a weekly basis.


Make sure you research the chosen Twitter trends first. You want to make sure that it is being used mainly for something that is relatable to your company or the phrase is being correctly hash-tagged. A company once used the #NotGuilty on a new line of cookies they had released, except that hashtag was being widely used for a murder trial.. oops. The company had to make a formal apology stating they had not researched the trend. So make sure you are researching your chosen trend so you don’t end up in an awkward situation like that.

Points to remember

  • Not every Twitter trend is your friend
  • Choose trends that are relevant to your company
  • research is key to success
  • Trends can also be determined by your location

If you would like to understand Twitter Trends further follow us on Twitter and take a look at what we use!

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