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What is Google Local?

What is Google Local?

What is Google Local?So what is Google Local?

Well first off did you know that Google Local used to be called Google places? Well now you do know if you didn’t beforehand! Google local has been created with the intended use of helping business owners increase their online visibility with their customers. It has also been created to help encourage customers to interact with their local businesses. This is to help bring back the sense of community to peoples lives!

Google Local was named as one of the most comprehensive and accessible business directories ever. Which is unsurprising when you see how many people use it! However the great thing about Google Local is that it isn’t just a directory! It is so much more!

What else can Google Local do?

Well the best part about Google Local is that it isn’t just a directory it’s a multipurpose platform! Google Local is designed to be a social and interactive service too! The interaction comes in with the use of reviews! If you have visited a place that you loved then you can leave a review on their Google Local for everyone else to see! It’s a great way to get people’s opinions heard and a great way for businesses to see what people truly think about their business allowing them to improve and thrive!

Google can determine if someone has searched for a service or industry with local intent, meaning that it knows if you are wanting to search a particular area only. For example if you were to search for ‘hairdressers Hyde’ and a local hairdresser is on Google local that is situated in Hyde, they will come up top of the list of places. When this comes up the user will also be able to see any reviews that have been left about the place.

So all in all Google Local is a useful way in which to get your company higher up in Googles search rankings and best of all bringing community back to the forefront of local businesses!

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