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What is a Landing page?

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So what is a landing page? Well many people may consider a landing page as anything that you ‘land’ onto, referring to all pages on a website. However this isn’t the case.

Well the answer to ‘What is a landing page?’ is this:  ‘A webpage which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website.’ This is the page that you will land on with a specific search. Ways of telling if a page is a landing page are as follows –

  • You can only find it through a specific URL
  • You can’t find the page if you look within the navigation on the website
  • Pages are very specific. For example they focus on a location or a niche service.

Many companies who use landing pages are more likely to use their landing page in collaboration with Pay Per Click (PPC).

There are many benefits to having landing pages on your website. For starters it is a great way to keep your website updated with any additional information that isn’t a necessary page to be included in your navigation.

Landing pages will also help your website do better in search ranking if your SEO is done correctly. It allows you to do landing pages about the more niche services for example specific locations. If you deliver services to several different locations it will clutter up your navigation to have them all in one place.

So having landing pages is great for those people who will be looking specifically for their area. So they may for example search up ‘Rubbish Removal Glossop’ a rubbish removal company will then have a landing page that will focus solely on the service that they deliver to Glossop rather than all their locations.

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