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Descriptions that are well written help massively with your search engine ranking

Analytics since description change

Over the past few months, we’ve written a number of blogs relating to quality content and how having interesting and relevant copy to read will lead to increased search engine ranking and more visitors.

Recently we updated Lustre Lingerie with a brand new website and since then we have been updating the descriptions for each product and category separately, including the relevant keywords and quality synonyms. This has dramatically increased our organic search engine ranking and massively increased the amount of visits we get each day and it seems to be constantly growing. This may be to do with having Christmas around the corner, however, it is still good news as it shows that people are able to find the website and they are finding it with the correct search queries.

Take a look at this chart since the descriptions were updated:

Analytics since change of descriptions
Analytics since change of descriptions

You can clearly see how the visits per day has increased from 170 to 539. This should spur you on to get the content on your website and your descriptions written well.

Although it was a huge job it definitely helped and you should certainly not overlook this for your website as evidently, increased search engine ranking will directly affect the visibility of your website online.

Also, the visits to our blogs has also rapidly increased (thanks everybody!) Our organic views have increased this month, as has our search engine ranking. All of this has happened since I added Google Authorship to mine and Hannah’s blog posts. Google Authorship puts a photo of you from your Google+ profile next to your blog post as it appears in Google, also enhancing the ranking of that blog post.

Make sure that you take the time to write quality content on your website and in your meta descriptions and it will pay off as Google are swaying more towards good quality websites rather than websites directly optimised just to rank well. Overall your website should answer the questions that your potential visitors will be searching for.