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Another Successful Website Redesign with Langley Interiors

website redesign

At AsOne, we’re happy to work with all of our clients in the way that most suits them. For some, that means we take the lead on every part of the process; for others, it means a more supportive role. When Langley Interiors approached us, they already had the mock-ups of updated pages, but they wanted their website redesign to focus on user-friendliness.

We reworked their mock ups in two key areas before building the new site for them. Firstly, they wanted to improve the navigation in an effort to improve user friendliness. To solve this, our website redesign split the navigation bar into two making it easier to distinguish between products and company information and also ensuring there was enough space for the navigation elements.

website redesign

Secondly,  we added navigation to expand the galleries of images and allow the visitor to explore more stunning projects. Putting the user in control of how much they see is a great way to engage the user in your website, and makes them more actively take in what they see.

website redesign

From an optimisation point of view, having users choose to explore the galleries means that you can see which galleries are looked at more frequently – as these pages are likely to have a higher “time on page” than others – and this can give you an indication into the desires and interests of your audience. Due to this, our website redesign not only improves the experience of customers interacting with Langley, but also helps Langley to shape their business going forwards.

Both AsOne and Langley Interiors were incredibly pleased with the website redesign. As designers, we were proud of the way that we had made a large site with hundreds of images easily navigable, as well as making the website more interesting for the customers.

As clients, Langley were not only extremely satisfied with the final build, but also the collaborative process that got us there. They provided the following testimonials after the project.

“Very good teamwork – come back with queries and issues as they arose quickly. Great service and final result. Thank you!”

“I also think that the website really looks and works amazing. The guys really have outdone themselves as its all singing and dancing now. I really love it.”


If you’d like to talk more with us about how the work we did here could be relevant to your digital marketing job, please don’t hesitate to contact us.