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Coping With Coronavirus

While we are always looking to take on new work with new clients, we know that the best confirmation of the quality of our work comes when our existing customers come to us for subsequent projects, such as business or website rebranding & business development opportunities.

That’s exactly what happened when the coronavirus pandemic threatened to put a spanner in the works of Katie Sheen’s business Soul Nutrition, which champions the power of mindfulness and meditation in the face of adversity in our personal or professional lives. Putting what she preaches into practice, she remained calm when COVID-19 put an end to her in-person workshops and audiences could no longer gather to hear her expertise. 

Rather than panicking, she tackled the problem head-on. The pandemic and ensuing lockdown has been a stressful time for all of us and she knew that the demand for her services and knowledge would remain. With our help in both the delivery and the website rebrand, she now delivers classes online via video chat software to ticketed groups. She also delivers a course hosted on Udemy, and the website allows her to directly promote these.

website rebranding

With these classes taking on slightly different direction to her corporate workshops, we decided that her old Soul Nutrition branding would be best left reserved for free resources, with a new Katie Sheen brand adding to the value of her personal influence.

website rebranding

In terms of the website, rebranding has meant a change-up online as well. Now, eye-catching event tabs allow users to easily find the right classes and the professionalism of the website has been enhanced, with the opportunity to purchase tickets to multiple classes without leaving the site. 

website rebranding

A member’s area allows users to keep track of their own upcoming events and manage their account.

What’s more, using code “asonefriend” will give you access to one class free of charge.

Valid until the end of September, try first-hand Katie’s approach to mindfulness and mediation, and fully immerse yourself in how embracing digital with AsOne has enhanced her business in the “new normal”

At AsOne, we know how important it is to meet moden challenges with modern solutions, and that sometimes circumstances take your business in new directions. Whether you’re a new or long-standing client, we come to each project with the same enthusiasm, energy and innovation, knowing that your breakthrough moment could be just around the corner.

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