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Content With Your Content?

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Google’s ‘Hummingbird’ update focuses more towards finding what the search user wants rather than finding just what the user types.

What Does This Mean?

The search results will aim to show results based on context and relevance. A simple way of thinking is that once a search query has been input, Google asks itself “What does the user really want?”, then uses their algorithms to formulate the search results in the order than it believes is the most relevant to the search query context.


You want the answer, not trillions of webpages. Algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want. – Google.com

If the user is signed into Google or Chrome, the search engine will use your information and history to have a better understanding of what you may be looking for.

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Better Content Over More Content

Don’t write just for the search engine ranking, give the user the answer they want.

Some thoughts on these changes have been to have a re-think about how SEO works on a website in terms of keyword density, number of words in the body copy, focus keywords and key phrases. The article doesn’t say that the changes must be made, it actually explains that websites with relevant content over keyword based websites will organically rank with little or no change as Google aims to give the user an actual answer to their question/search rather than bringing up a list of websites that have ranked higher due to SEO practices.

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Don’t just write for the sake of it, make your content relevant to your website and to what people are searching for and try to answer their questions.

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