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WARNING – Scam Callers

Scam callers

Scam callersAsOne was recently made aware by a client of a scam caller. The caller claims to be a technician from Google. The caller will tell you that there is a problem with your computer, in this case the technician told one of our clients that there was a problem with their websites algorithm. The technician then requested that the client open a ‘TeamViewer’ session to fix the problem.

Fortunately our client was aware that this was a scam and passed along the information for us to make you all aware of the scam callers. Here you can find a video that shows the process of what happens if the scammer gains control of your computer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDJWixw4TCI

Once the scam caller has been given access to your computer as shown in the above video they will be able take control of your computer and have access to your files and much more.

These scam callers may not necessarily say that they are from Google. They may also claim to be an anti-Virus software agency and telling you that you have a virus on your computer. If you are to receive a call like this whether it is Google or a technician claiming that you have a virus, please cancel the call. If you believe there may be a problem with your computer please contact your provider directly from a official and trusted number.

Please keep vigilant when giving out personal information on the phone or computer. If you do get contacted by somebody trying to carry out a scam on you, let us know what they tried so we can make other people aware.