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How to use Google+ as a business

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AsOne are always talking to Innovation Club members about the benefits Google+ could bring to their website.

One of the biggest benefits is that when you share a post, or a link; when somebody who has you in their circle searches for that key phrase, you appear far above any of the competition.

This is shown in a previous blog called ‘Why Google+ are a necessity for any business‘. In this blog post, I show a few screenshots of Google searches, one for the term ‘Google’, on which, I appeared third on the list.

Therefore, the more people who circle your business, the more chance you have got of appearing above you competition during their searches.

Another benefit is that each of the links that you can post, count positively towards your website’s ranking.

How to use Google+ as a business

  1. Log in
  2. Click on ‘link’Google+ Interface
  3. Paste your link (including http://)Google+ Interface
  4. Depending how your website is set up, a logo should appear. Click shareGoogle+ Interface

What next?

  • Log into your personal Google+ account
  • Make sure you are following your business (or they are in your circle)
  • Click +1 on the post/link
  • Ask all of your colleagues/staff to do the same
  • Ask any business that you link with to do the same

By asking all of your staff to do the same, this enables all of their circles to see your post too.

If your staff don’t have Google+, ask them to set one up, then follow your company and AsOne.

AsOne G+