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Time to Tweet: When is Best for Business?


Twitter is one of the few social media platforms that can still claim to be fair for businesses. Unlike the Facebook group of sites (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat), which are by-and-large a pay-to-play environment where the most prominent posts are those with the biggest budget behind them, Twitter rewards great content with wide distribution. If you know your target audience and know how you want to interact with them, your business can do very well on Twitter. Because of the pace of this platform, an essential facet of success on Twitter is not only knowing what to tweet, but knowing when your audience will be ready to see it.

So when is the best time to be tweeting?

A question that we are asked a lot by some of our clients – who perhaps want to bring some of their social media strategies in-house – concerns what time they should be tweeting, and how often. In truth, this comes down to your audience and considering when they are likely to be online. Different studies have shown a wide spread of results; some have suggested that tweets posted in the morning are most likely to have links within them followed, and that evening tweets are more likely to be ‘liked’. Others have suggested that the ‘lunchtime rush’ is the optimum time to post.

This wide variety of results stems from the wide user-base that Twitter has and the sheer number of different audiences that exist on the platform. To find what works best for you, it is a case of testing and evaluating. Twitter has a complete analytics suite built into it that you can use to ascertain which of your tweets was most successful, keeping in mind the goals you were originally looking to achieve. Were you simply looking for the most retweets, or did you want people to follow a link to your website – and from there, maybe purchase something?

Getting engagement is one thing, but getting the right kind of engagement is another, and that’s where you can really start to see the benefits of social media marketing.tweeting

As a rule of thumb, if your target audience is other businesses, you’ll want to be tweeting during business hours (9am-5pm UK) as that’s when these are most likely to be picked up by an employee. If your target audience is consumers, you’ll want to consider their lives, and when they’ll be available to check their phone. You might want to target the first-thing-in-the-morning crowd (6am-8am), the lunchtime-breakers (11am-1pm) or the evening loungers (8pm-10pm). These guides are very rough – but they demonstrate the importance of considering what else is going on the lives of your target market which may distract them from their phones – given that the vast majority of Twitter sessions happen on a mobile device.

Once you’ve worked out your optimal posting time, you might want to prepare a few tweets in advance, and schedule them for posting over the coming days or weeks. Unfortunately, Twitter itself does not have a scheduling feature as Facebook does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t manage the account in a similar way. With third-party management sites like SproutSocial, you can link your various accounts and schedule posts on Twitter, as well as see combined analytics reports from your various social media profiles.

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