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Shape Your Business With Data-Driven Decisions

In your store, you can watch people who come in and out. You can see what they look at, whether they stop for a closer look at any products, and at what time they leave. Sometimes, you can see or find out where they’ve previously been, and you might be able to see where they go next, and these all give you clues into that customer’s psyche, allowing you to amend your sales approach for the next time they return. By tracking website users, you can do the same thing with your ecommerce store.

With some technical coding, you can set up your ecommerce store for tracking website users, and you can use this data to shape your marketing tactics &even how you present your website.

tracking website users

Tracking Website Users: What Can I Track?

Tracking website users can give you huge amounts of data, and knowing how to use and interpret that data can be the difference between your business surviving and thriving online

  • Where Users Come From

How are users finding your website? If you are getting lots of visits from social media, but very few from Google, you might need to spend some time developing landing pages or reconfiguring your SEO. If you get lots of direct or referral traffic, you might need to spread word about your business more – some paid adverts will introduce your business to a huge new audience for just a few pennies per click.

  • How Users Find You

Which pages do your customers land on? If your business sells clothes, and a particular range or line sees more entries than another, then it might be worth making sure that line is clearly visible on your homepage – it’s obviously popular! Contrary to a physical location, every page on your website is a possible door into your business – it’s only by tracking website users that you can find out which doors people want to go through, and centring those above the others.

  • What Users Pay Attention To

Which pages are users spending the most time on? If it’s a blog, users might be engrossed by the content – consider adding in a few more CTAs to make the most of the attention you’ve captured. If it’s a product page, why are they taking so long to convert? Try running a flash sale to see if a promotional price might turn some more users into customers. 

  • When Users Leave

How far down the conversion funnel do users get before they leave? If users are abandoning purchases on a certain page, it might be worth looking at the technical setup of the page – is it particularly slow to load, or is there another reason that your customers are losing confidence? Could your checkout process be shortened, giving users a quicker journey from ideation to purchase? Tracking website users can not only show you how to maximise your profits, but also where simple fixes can massively improve your performance

At AsOne, we have all the technical experience and expertise to allow you to begin tracking website users, and maximising your sales online. To tap into our knowhow, get in touch with our expert team today.


tracking website users