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The Risks of Copyright Infringement

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Copyright Infringement

Recently there has been a string of scams regarding the breaching of copyright online so we thought it would be a good idea to stress the importance of adhering to copyright laws.

It always seems easier and more effective to just visit Google for an image that you need for your website instead of taking your own, after all you may not have the best camera to use or the time to create your own graphic. However, it is never worth the risk to just lift an image from Google that you don’t own, doing so can lead to a lot of legal trouble and a heavy fine on top.

The mind-set of ‘there’s no way that company in America will the see the image or text I used so it’ll be fine’ is a very dangerous mind-set to have for your business and will put you in a very risky position. The more copyright protected content you put onto your website, the higher the chance your misstep will be noticed especially if your website is ranking highly.

In the end the consequences of breaching copyright will cost you much more than what you gain from using the images in the first place. Your best bet is to just use your own content as the hassle for copyright infringement definitely isn’t worth it.

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