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AsOne have helped the newly launched Digital and Creative Network raise it’s profile

Pride of Tameside Awards

Considering we only launched the Digital & Creative Network (DCN) at the beginning of December, I have to say that its success has been overwhelming. We’ve now held three monthly meetings and our membership has constantly gained momentum as referrals and word of mouth have encouraged more and more individuals and businesses who are engaged within the digital and creative sector to join us.

As we predicted, members are now getting to know one another and are discovering that they can ‘Connect, Collaborate and Combine their talents’ enabling them to deliver a far more comprehensive service than they were able to when operating independently.

Now, after the success of our launch, our next objective is to build on this momentum and raise both the profile and the visibility of DCN even higher by structuring our membership listings, creating a directory of services & launching strategic marketing initiatives. We continue to look at every angle for support, starting with our members and those who have already heard of our ambition and encourage people to actively promote the network’s many benefits and opportunities.

It’s working for DCN. The Pride of Tameside Awards can also work for you.

Raising your own profile and increasing wider awareness of both yourself and your business will, without question, increase your opportunities and boost your success.

So why not consider entering this year’s ‘Pride of Tameside’ Awards? If you haven’t thought of it before or if you’ve always thought that’s not for me, then I’d certainly encourage you to reconsider.

As a local business, being featured in the ‘Pride of Tameside’ Awards will instantly put your name in the local news and draw significant attention to your business. Even if you don’t win you’ll have already enhanced your profile and extended your credibility far beyond what it is today.

This year’s ‘Pride of Tameside’ Awards was launched on Tuesday 31st March, when all the categories and entry criteria was announced. To review the categories and apply visit http://www.prideoftameside.co.uk/

This year I have the honour of being invited to be the lead judge for the Pride of Tameside Digital and Technology Business of the Year. So I would be delighted if any DCN members were to submit application forms and be there to represent the Network at the Awards ceremony.

If you would like any advice on how to apply or how best to structure your submission, then please do not hesitate to drop me an email to: tracey@asone.co.uk.