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Ways to improve your team motivation

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Team Motivation

At AsOne we believe that team motivation is key to a successful working environment. Especially on Monday mornings when waking yourself up can prove to be difficult. No one looks forward to that alarm clock going off after a relaxing and fun weekend, whether we love our jobs or not.

That is why we have come up with 5 ways in which you can improve team motivation long term and short term.

Morning Huddles

Our huddles also give a chance for staff to share what work they have on for the day, allowing them to alert everyone as to what they will be up to. It also gives the chance to brainstorm ideas if someone finds themselves having a mental block. A fresh insight can help to improve your work and productivity.

One of the ways that we keep our own team motivated is through our morning huddles. Each week a different team member is chosen to present a motivational activity in the morning. These have ranged from quizzes to treasure hunts. The purpose of this is to help wake our team up in the morning and get them active. Activities like these can help to bring out the competitiveness of your team helping to motivate them early in the morning. It helps to get us all talking and shake the cobwebs of the morning away.

Appreciate your team

One of the easiest ways to motivate your team is to simply let them know that you appreciate the hard work that they put in. If they achieve a goal, make sure that it is recognised whether that is privately or publicly. This can be a great motivator and help to increase individual productivity. This will help to make your team members feel like a valued part of the team and create a positive company culture.

Support new ideas

For many people it can be difficult to open up and share their ideas. So when your employees share ideas make sure that you support the act of bringing ideas forward. Even if the idea is something which you can not do, it is great to encourage your team to put forward their thoughts. Your team members will feel more encouraged to present future ideas.

Keep it fun

Work doesn’t always have to feel like hard work. It’s great being productive and making sure that you get your work done but many people can become blinkered if they don’t step away from their desk. We believe that you should take time out of your day to refresh your mind and have a laugh together. Having a break can help to motivate your team and send them back into their day again with positive spirits. Getting the balance between work and time away from the desk is key. It would be no good to overwork your team, having a fun work environment can help combat this.

Good working environment

Research has shown that employees care more about their working environment than the money that they earn. It is important that your environment is one in which people can grow in and draw inspiration from. Plain walls and dull colours can leave people feeling lacklustre. A pop of colour, a few images and an open space can work wonders for your team’s mental productivity.

Having a motivated team not only benefits the team mentally but can help to improve productivity in the office. You don’t have to do grand gestures to improve team motivation. The little things like appreciating your employees can help work wonders to help motivate your team. If you would like further inspiration you can check out the hashtag #MotivationMonday on Twitter. This can help inspire your team with what other companies do to keep their team motivated.