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Successful email marketing case study

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AsOne successful email marketing
Successful email marketing with AsOne.

At AsOne Creative Digital Marketing we believe that there are many ways to retain your audience. However Todaysure Matthews Ltd has shown how a successful email marketing campaign can help to retain a customer’s attention 10 years later.

Firstly successful eMail marketing can be incredibly beneficial for your company, if done right. It is a way to retain your audience and keep them up to date with the latest products, services and news. This enables you to drive traffic back to your website and keep customers constantly aware of your brand and what your company can offer.

Each month Todaysure Matthews Ltd have an eShot created and sent on their behalf from AsOne Creative Digital Marketing to all their customers. Within this, we include the latest news and blogs which usually revolve around their future plans and the successes that they are experiencing. Their blogs are a good way to keep their customers up to date with what is happening internally within their company. This month their latest eMail caught the attention of a old customer who they had not had communications with for over 10 years and believed to be a cold source.

The customer had opened the email 28 times in total. This means that the customer took multiple viewings before getting in contact with Todaysure to discuss a contract with the company.

The client in question had been living in Iraq but had travelled over to the UK. The client contacted Todaysure to discuss buying three of their hospital incinerators worth over £500,000. If this eMail had never been sent out the customer may never of got back in touch with the company. This proves how email marketing can be a beneficial addition to your marketing strategy. It enables you to keep a connection with clients that may be overseas and those who are not regular users of social media. It keeps your clients up to date and builds brand loyalty with your clients.

As you can see a successful eMail marketing strategy can give you the potential to broaden your geographical reach even further. From this particular eMail, Todaysure was able to reach the United States, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, India plus many more making it a truly global campaign. Therefore email marketing is a great way for companies that market their products worldwide and want to maintain strong customer relations across the globe.

The eShot itself had a open rate of 22.3% and a click rate of 22.58% which is above the industry standard for open rate. Todaysure Matthews have always maintained a steady open rate with the average eShot having 25% of recipients opening the emails. This is due to the consistency that we keep the eShots at. People like familiarity but not so much if it is repetitive. Therefore we make sure that emails are sent out once a month and that the template remains the same too. Since the start of December their click rate has been increasing, consistently being above the industry standard percentage.

Todaysure Matthews Ltd however do not just rely on their successful eMail marketing to gain customers. They are under our Innovation Club® package in which they have social media management, PPC and blogs. This accumulated mix makes a successful marketing strategy.

Going forward with Todaysure Matthews Ltd we will be looking to increase their geographical reach further so that they can hit every corner of the earth. To do this we would look into increasing more location based PPC campaigns and using more social tools like Facebook Ads which will help to boost the post to a demographic of their choosing.

Below is a testimonial from Todaysure Matthews Ltd who we look forward to developing with in the future.

“Todaysure has worked with Asone for in excess of 12 years, and have always found them to be extremely pleasant and helpful to work with and professional and knowledgeable in their field.  They have designed and developed more than one web site for us, helped us with branding of our products and produced corporate stationery and marketing materials, which we have found to be modern and innovative. Over the last couple of years, we have utilised their services to optimise our website using Social Management, PPC/adwords, which has proved successful and in recent months we have used their copywriting services and produced some interesting blogs and the e-shot campaigns, which have reached out to old and new customers alike, resulting in resurrecting our relationships.”

– Karen Schofield

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