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Business Blooming After eCommerce Development

At AsOne, we commit ourselves to helping you succeed in business, which is why we’re always on hand to help even years after you undertake work with us. Once a client, always a friend, and our commitment to digital business development means that we see ourselves as part of your business, always looking to help you grow.

For Blue Door Flowers, an independent florist in Heaton Moor, the lockdown meant that their physical store was inaccessible to the public. It meant that their customers could not see all the delights that they had to offer, and it even meant that the store could not be opened up by its staff.

Instead of remaining paralysed by the pandemic, however, they took steps to succeed in business. As the agency who were originally contracted to build the website 6 years ago, we were delighted to hear that the business now wanted to add eCommerce functionality to their site, embracing the imposed lockdown and adapting in order to succeed in business. Moreover, they had been receiving more enquiries for flowers in a time where people are not allowed to meet and send greetings in person, so they realised they needed better systems to be able to meet customers’ needs.

succeed in business

Chiefly looking to increase their capacity to fill orders for bouquets, Blue Door Flowers also wanted a site on which they could sell their other “beautiful things”, such as candles, soaps and chocolates. Our eCommerce development allows these products to be given pride of place alongside the flowers, just as they adorn opposing shelves in the physical store. Initially available only as add-ons to bouquets, discussions with AsOne during development meant that we opted to list these items as stand-alone products and even in the first week of going live we saw the value in that decision, as a number of orders came through for these items without floral accompaniments – revenue that may otherwise have been lost. This underlines the fact that our experience in the digital world is helping Blue Door Flowers succeed in business.

succeed in business
With such a personal product, it is vital to ensure a range of options throughout, such as size, message, and extra information.

It’s not just our past experience that helps businesses, though, it’s also our up-to-date technical expertise. On this development, it was crucial that users could select specific days on which they wanted their flowers delivered, and we were able to build this functionality into the site.
Equally important for this independent florist to succeed in business was the ability to stratify delivery cost by postcode, in order to avoid losing money on further journeys. We were again able to build this function into the site, illustrating that our expertise can find solutions for the pragmatic problems that the lockdown poses for businesses.

The checkout area features a Date Picker, Variable Shipping and a Cross-Selling section.

With over 40 orders taken in just the first week of going live, we think that the new addition to the Blue Door Flowers website has been a resounding success. If you think that AsOne could help you succeed in business too, don’t hesitate to contact us, where a member of our expert team will be on hand to help.


succeed in business