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SSL Website Encryption is Now a “must have” for Online Services

SSL Certificate

SSL CertificateWe wrote recently about how security is becoming more and more important for modern businesses, as they place greater reliance on technology, and the threat of cybercrime increases this is the time to look in to the possibility of an SSL Certificate.

While previously companies might have got away with a more relaxed approach to cyber security, it is now at the forefront of many business leaders minds’.

This is particularly relevant to e-commerce companies, or people who have a strong web presence, where failing to properly secure systems can have a devastating effect on the company’s reputation.

However, many other companies are also taking their security very seriously, even those that aren’t collecting personal or financial information, like the BBC.

At AsOne we’ve helped businesses from a wide range of industries address these challenges.

No Longer “Nice to Have”

A great example of how important security has become is the fact that SSL certificates are now required as part of the terms of service for many online platforms.

For example, you need an up to date SSL certificate to be fully compliant with services like Google Shopping. Google has a very clear policy on data collection and use that states:

“Google wants users to trust that information about them will be respected and handled with appropriate care. As such, our advertising partners should not misuse this information, nor collect it for unclear purposes or without appropriate security measures.”

The same page goes on to cite that the policy does not allow “collecting personal information…over an unsecured page which is not SSL protected and without a valid certificate”.

SSL Certificates and Search Engine Marketing

Google’s quest to present users with secure, trustworthy sites extends beyond Google Shopping. For some time the presence of SSL certificates has been used as one of the factors that determines where sites rank in the search results.

At the moment it is of fairly low importance compared to content quality and link profile, but it could easily be the difference between you getting on the first page or not.

It is possible that this will become more important in the future, with unsecured sites being actively penalised by search engines.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

Securing your website with an SSL certificate is an effective way to help protect your customers’ personal data, and the reputation of your business. Failing to take this step not only puts you at risk of attack, but will also leave you in breach of the terms for many online services.

This is something you should consider even if you don’t have a huge web presence.

For advice on whether you need an SSL website certificate for your business, the benefits it could have and how to implement it, why not get in touch and arrange a call with one of our technical experts?