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Bossing It On Social Media

social media tips for business

More than two-thirds of the UK population is on social media, and at least 96% of these are active at least monthly. To put that into perspective, more people in the UK were active on social media last month than voted in the 2019 general election. Facebook has more than 1 billion active daily users, and there is no marketplace in which your business can advertise cheaply with a larger potential reach. However, with such opportunities for business comes competition – and it can be hard to stand out from all the noise. Here are some of our top social media tips for business – also downloadable as a handy cheat sheet to print off and have at your desk, to remind you of our tips every time you go to post.

  1. Have a Plan (What Am I Posting?)

    In our personal lives, social media is more often about “in-the-moment” posting; tweeting your reactions to live, unfolding events, or asking Facebook for recommendations in moments of need. For business, strategy takes on a more important role, and using your social channels to guide your fans to convert. This doesn’t mean that you can’t react to live events and be personable on social media – but it does require that you take extra steps of consideration before you do.
  2. Define Success (Why Am I Posting?)

    You can achieve a number of business goals via social media, and many sites have both organic and paid routes to success. You should define early what success on these platforms would look like – do you need to see a tangible lift in acquisitions, or do you see value in growing your channels and driving up engagement on them? Setting targets and expectations early in the strategy phase allows you to structure your content and tone towards achieving them and will help you to outline the approach your brand takes.
  3. Select Your Platforms (Where Am I Posting?)

    One of our top social media tips for business is that “social media” is not a homogenous block. Different platforms are popular amongst different demographics, and suit different styles of content. Below, you can find a table containing the ideal markets and content for the major social media platforms

Platform Major Demographic Most Suitable Content
Facebook 16+, rapid growth amongst 50+ Short video, images with short, informative captions.
Instagram 16-45 you, female Visual content which conveys most of the message
Twitter 16-35 yo, male Succinct text content. Longer “threads” also popular if they are found by the right audience.
LinkedIn 20-60, businesspeople Long form text content via native “articles”
Snapchat 13-18 yo Short, explosive video
YouTube 18+ (skewed) Deep video which explains topics fully

  1. Vary Your Content (What Am I Posting?)

    Whilst each platform has content that typically performs best, that’s not to say that you should only post one form of content on each platform. If you’ve got a great video, for example, you should post it everywhere. It’s important to not allow your social media channels to become stale, both for your users and for the channel’s algorithms.
    Think of it this way – if a channel allows you to post multiple forms of content, it’s because the platform’s developers want to see a variety of content on their site – and as such, they’ll promote the pages which produce a variety of content to their users. Be part of that crowd.
  2. Know Your Audience (Who Am I Posting For?)

    Which events and opportunities might your audience be interested in? If you have an opportunity to break out of your brand, and become a source of useful information, your conversion posts might be better received. People don’t want to feel like they’re being bombarded by business postings, and as such, the 80-20 rule is a good rule to follow – where 80% of your content should be targeted towards entertaining, educating and informing your audience, and only 20% should be primarily geared towards selling products and services.

social media tips for business

By following these social media tips for business (plus a couple of sneaky extras available on our downloadable cheat sheet) you can begin to reach the millions of UK citizens that use social media every day. By ensuring that they can see your brand, you open the door to starting conversations and product journeys with the largest marketplace in the world. For a more bespoke strategy and implementation guide for your business, call our marketing experts today.