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How a Social Media Campaign can boost your SEO Performance

Social Media SEO

Social Media SEOSocial media has proved to be a powerful marketing channel in its own right, but a successful social media campaign can also have a knock-on effect, positively impacting your acquisition via other channels, particularly search engines.

Interacting with customers through social media is an excellent way for businesses to have conversations in a manner and tone of voice that is unique to their brand. Building up this brand image is important for SEO in itself, and can lead to more people searching directly for your company on Google or Bing.

Considering social media SEO and other marketing methods in parallel is an effective way to boost the success of your campaigns.

Social Media SEO and the Power of Combining Them

An active presence on social media can have a significant, positive impact on your search engine rankings due to a number of key elements:

  • Ranking factor – Social signals (such as “shares” and “likes”) have been a ranking signal for some time, which means it is included in the algorithm that Google uses to calculate where your page should appear in the rankings. Hence, a stronger social following should help to boost your SEO. This is particularly true given that people who find your content through social channels are more likely to share it.
  • Direct links – The number and variety of backlinks you get to your site remains one of the primary factors that Google uses to determine search engines results. Posting regularly to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, with links back to content on your own site, gives you an easy way to build up a number of backlinks, each of which will individually give your SEO performance a small boost.
  • Indirect links – One of the most important things that arise from overlaying your social media and content marketing strategies is the opportunity to get natural backlinks from other sources. People who find your content in one channel may link to it from another, such as in their own blog posts. This will help to ensure you get a good variety of referring domains.
  • Content ideas – Having an audience means you can see what people are interested in and talking about. This is a really valuable source of content ideas and ensuring you’re writing great relevant content is a key to a successful SEO strategy. Though other factors have come into play, content is still king. You can also use this technique to optimise existing content, updating and editing it to reflect the comments and feedback of your followers.

Creating a Joined-up Strategy

At AsOne we believe in creating holistic digital business development strategies that drive our clients’ businesses forward.

We are increasingly creating campaigns that span across social media SEO and other channels to deliver the best possible results. Looking across channels from the outset helps you to identify synergies that will ensure you get the maximum return on your investment.

For more information on how the powerful combination of social media marketing and SEO could work for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.