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The Value Of A Social Media Advertising Agency

The majority of the time, businesses put most of their efforts into creating good quality content which encourages users to engage with the business and share posts. This is a central part of social media marketing and it will help you to drive traffic to your website. It will also help to strengthen your brand, especially if you can interact with customers in a meaningful way. However, this is not the only way to use social media to your advantage because it is also a great place for paid ads, and that’s where the social media advertising agency comes in. 

You should already be familiar with paid Google Ads, and you are probably using them. They’re a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site, and as long as you have a well thought out keyword bidding strategy, you will see a good return on your investment. However, you should not invest your entire paid ad budget in Google Ads because paid advertising on social media is equally as effective and can help you reach different customers. 

social media advertising agency

The extended reach is one of the biggest advantages of social media advertising. Regardless of which demographic you are trying to reach, you will be able to find them on one of the major social media platforms and, if you hire the right social media advertising agency, they will put together a strategy to target those customers. It is a very direct marketing strategy, and often, you get better results than you would with Google Ads. Ideally, you should be using a combination of Google Ads and social media ads. 

Facebook’s organic reach has dropped significantly in recent years, and you may think that it’s best to focus on other platforms. However, it still has the largest user base, and paid ads do very well on the platform, as long as you have the right social media advertising agency to direct your strategy. 

Twitter has a much better organic reach, and it’s a great platform for interacting with customers and building a brand. It can also be a good platform for B2B marketing. However, you should also take advantage of paid ads on Twitter if you want to increase your marketing returns.  

LinkedIn is a platform that is often overlooked but it is the best option for B2B marketing. With help from the right social media advertising agency, you can get very fast results. You can see a great example of one of our B2B social media ad campaigns here.

If you are looking for a social media advertising agency to help you improve your ad campaigns, it is important that you find one that can work within your budget. This can be difficult because a lot of agencies charge a commission based on your overall marketing spend. This means that they benefit if you spend more, and they do not have any incentive to save you money. In fact, they are incentivised to encourage you to spend more. 

But our model is different. We charge a flat monthly fee based on the services that we provide. That means that we are always looking for ways to save you money on your social media ad campaigns. If you are looking for a social media advertising agency, get in touch today and we can discuss your needs.

social media advertising agency