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How Snapchat Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat MarketingWith 400 million snaps sent worldwide per day, and 8 million users in the U.K alone, Snapchat has become hugely popular in the four short years since it was established. Using Snapchat marketing can be hugely beneficial to your business, empowering you to be more creative with your advertising and allowing you to share even more.

The Benefits of Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat is a platform which allows you to send photo and video messages, as well as create stories for your followers that expire automatically after twenty-four hours. This swift new form of messaging provides you with the opportunity to grab your audience,  using imaginative and exclusive content to instantly engage your clientele. Snapchat marketing can be used not only to promote special offers or services, but to give access to live events happening within your organisation or industry. You can create exciting narratives to attract a larger audience, and entertain your following with an authentic insight into the company’s culture and everything that goes on behind the scenes.

How a Business Can Grow Their Following

It is crucial for your Snapchat marketing strategy to ensure that the content is as innovative as possible. Users on Snapchat want to be entertained, and often seek a unique insight into what goes on within your organisation that they do not have access to elsewhere. Snapchat provides a sense of urgency that is unobtainable through other platforms, as stories and snaps expire quickly and cannot be seen again. You can take advantage of this element by promoting offers or running competitions through the Snapchat story feature, which will cease after 24 hours, or create an exciting live narrative of an event your organisation is in the forefront of. Consequently, your audience will feel connected to your company and be directed to the promotions, discounts and services that you have to offer.

Increase your online presence

Integrating Snapchat into your marketing strategy allows you not only to connect bmore effectively with your target audience, but to reach a wider audience and consequently direct new customers towards your business. As well as creating imaginative narratives and snapshot messages to engage with your followers, brands are also able to use geofilters featuring a unique design related to your event and location. This is ideal for company events, as it encourages guests to create and share their own imaginative stories around your organisation. Using Snapchat marketing will grow your audience’s’ attention and drive existing and new customers to your business. At Asone, we are here to advise you every step of the way to see that your strategy is well-informed and ultimately succeeds.

At AsOne Creative Digital Marketing, our experienced and highly skilled team are able to tailor your Snapchat marketing campaign to your vision. We recognise the difficulties that can occur when creating a marketing strategy using Snapchat, and we are here to support you with clear and efficient information.  Call us on 0161 368 9100 or email us at here@asone.co.uk