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eCommerce Is The Key To Unlock Your Business

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Just because it’s now legal to reopen your physical store, doesn’t mean that it’s the best decision for your business long-term. With the high streets a shadow of their former selves, and the very real risk of lockdown restrictions being reimposed – like is happening in Leicester – setting up an online store is still by far the best way to protect your business and safeguard your revenue.

Online stores come without some of the risks that physical locations face today. They are not reliant on a public who are happy to travel to shopping centres; the longterm overhead costs can be far cheaper, without utility bills and property taxes to worry about. If you’re thinking about setting up an online store, but worried about the long-term viability of such a choice, then it’s critical to realise that an online store isn’t just a knee-jerk response to a lockdown – eCommerce stores have been thriving for decades, and adding one to your arsenal can only benefit your business, opening you up to markets which could never access your physical locations.

setting up an online store

As you might expect, something that is of such business benefit isn’t always easy to do. It takes years of experience and expertise – and if you don’t have this expertise yourself, then setting up an online store could get very difficult. Using an agency means that you can tap into the experience and expertise required to make setting up an online store easy, and when you choose a consultative agency like AsOne, we commit to training and digitally upskilling you, giving you the knowledge and confidence to update your website yourself, ensuring that customers online get first look at any sales or changes to your business or products.

One of the major considerations when setting up an online store is the platform that you will build your store on. Whilst Shopify might seem easy, to begin with, high transaction fees means that, effectively, you pay to put your products on the shelves and then you pay again to sell them, sometimes up to 3 or 4% of the value of the item. This makes it unviable for stores which stock high-value items or move significant quantities of stock.

Similarly, Magento allows a huge amount of integration and automation, allowing you to shape your store perfectly to your business – but, with such a technical platform, your development costs just to maintain the site and it’s security are high, as you will need to hire dedicated staff to manage the store.

At AsOne, we are experts in WooCommerce developments, which comes with the accessibility of Shopify, the flexibility of Magento and without the high costs of either. When setting up an online store, it’s important to choose a platform that allows your business to grow without needing major redevelopment – and that platform is WooCommerce. Read more about WooCommerce strengths here.

For help, support and advice setting up your online store, contact the experts at AsOne today.


setting up an online store