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SEO Techniques for 2016

SEO Techniques for 2016
SEO Techniques for 2016
SEO Techniques for 2016

Within this blog post, we will explore what Search Engine Optimisation is and what the best practices are for 2016, as well as outlining that SEO Techniques are an element of the full marketing mix. Your marketing strategy should always be well rounded and tailored to your requirements as a business, ensuring that the return on investment is maximised and time is well spent.

SEO has moved on from just having keywords packed into your title and continually throughout your content. If this is a key strategy that you have adopted, you will find that Google will assume this is spam and will discount the content you have created. SEO as a marketing tool is important, it is something that will improve your online health however it has to be carefully created with the correct tools. Here at AsOne we always advocate a multi-channel approach to your marketing with SEO being one of the tools that will be at your disposal.

SEO Techniques have many advantages to offer a businesses, we will outline the correct way to achieve your goals.

User Intention-

Having the exact keyword in every conceivable place in your content or website is no longer required. Google as a business have developed and become a lot smarter with the way that they process the data they receive. Search engines are seeing how people are interacting with your content and the “post click intent” of the client you are targeting. If a client clicks on your site and they immediately this means that they did not find the required answer they sought from your content. Google is using this information to rank content based on how users are interacting with it. You have to satisfy the customers needs with your content, with post click monitoring, google is able to rank content based on how well the target audience is relating to it. AsOne always suggest that all content is created with a purpose and asking yourself what do I want to say about my message, product or service. As a marketing partner, AsOne offer a copywriting service which is fully backup up by our commercially aware SEO experts who can tailor your content ensuring it is relevant to your consumer. We only offer practical, honest and ethical advice, direction and guidance as it is within our best interests to ensure you succeed.


Keywords are no longer the most important aspect of the SEO Techniques process. Google have become more astute with the way they interpret data and the meaning associated with your content. It is no longer required to pack your content full of keywords at the sacrifice of the content you are creating. For example, if we use “SEO Techniques” as test Google will also expect other trigger words associated with it. If we see content based on “SEO Techniques”, an indicator to a search engine that the article has validation would be keywords such as “Marketing” “Content Marketing Manchester” “SEO Best Practice” etc. Google will authenticate your entire content piece and create its own impression of what you are trying to say. The use of complimentary words add weight to your content, validates your point and broadens your knowledge of the subject matter. This is not always easy to do and again it comes down to being smart with the way you interact with your content. AsOne will always offer guidance and solutions to clients from a commercial aware SEO Techniques based mentality.

Focus on the customer and understand Customer Experience Expectations-

The way a client interacts with your content is being closely monitored by Google and the other search engines. With this in mind we need to understand the mentality of a customer and the information they require from your content. Does your content answer the question? Solve the problem or introduce them to something they didn’t know? Internet users have become much more adept with the use of technology which in turn has seen usages rise and content become much less valuable if not targeted correctly. Understanding your customers expectation is key to delivering the right message at the right time. Decreasing the bounce rate of a page and its content will allow google to make an informed decision and increase the ranking of your content. Think of what customers are looking for? What do they expect? Why are you the right solution for them? What can you offer that others cannot? These questions will allow you to understand your clients mentality and then segment this into actionable points. SEO Techniques are tightly linked to understanding your customer and the journey they take online. Speak to AsOne regarding your SEO strategy and see how it can be optimised to ensure that you are returning your investment.

Content Size-

Content historically used to follow a set pattern where the amount of words you produced used to range between 150-300. This however is now outdated. Longer pieces of content marketing perform better on search engines than the shorter articles. This is due mainly to the points raised above, there is more relevant content on the page for Google to create a better mental image of the message you are trying to get across. This is to ensure that your prospective customers are being sent to the right location at all times. The problem that can occur with longer pieces of content is how to present this to the traffic that is reaching your site. Referring back to customer expectations, how they interact with content and how google interprets this data, it has become critical that your formatting of your content is correct. Breaking up content making it easier to digest with sub headings, images, bullet points and videos.

Mobile Optimisation-

Google place high value on mobile users, it is not difficult to see why. Since 2013 mobile usage of the Google platform has out performed the traditional desktop with the gap widening with each year. What is also very interesting is that on average customers will spend longer online with a smartphone than they will on a computer. Google is obviously aware of this so what does mobile optimisation offer SEO Techniques? Firstly, if the website your content is being placed on is not optimised for mobile it is automatically discounted. This is due to the Mobile Optimisation Guidelines google have introduced. AsOne specialise in fully responsive mobile sites, on a wide range of platforms. If you need a bespoke website building ranging from Magento to WordPress, we can not only build to your specification but also tailor your vision to ensure it meets the high standard set by todays search engines.

SEO & Content Marketing are closely connected-

SEO is all about understanding your audience, focusing your content and marketing with high quality customer focused pages, products and posts.

SEO Techniques are an important part of your arsenal when it comes to marketing your business correctly. It should never be used as your only marketing function as a complete mix of marketing activity will always help improve your SEO. Here at AsOne we are passionate about your online health, we will always offer strategic advice that is tailored to your goals and solutions. Contact us today.