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Search engine optimisation (SEO) Tips

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AsOne’s Innovation Club members are always asking our team, “How can I get my website to rank higher on Google”, which is a question asked by millions of people every day, on Facebook, Twitter, in Google searches, even on Bing, but who actually knows the answers?

Google know the answer! But they won’t tell you, which is good, or everybody would do everything and there would be no way for Google to choose the best web pages to provide in the results.

Google want to give the searcher, the most relevant pages, in order of who they believe gives the actual answer to the search query.

Google LogoThere are hundreds, even thousands of search engine optimisation techniques that can be used on a website to improve or even hinder your ranking position, but not every one can be applied to every website, which is why it’s hard to do. Also, you mustn’t forget that even Google says “No one can guarantee a number 1 position on Google”, so if somebody guarantees this to you, they are lying; choose another company.


When you find out different SEO tactics to use, don’t do them all at once, as this may affect you badly, as Google may look upon this as poor practice as if you’re trying to cheat their system. Above everything, increasing your ranking takes time, effort and knowledge.

Ready for some SEO tips?

  • Page loading speed via Chrome

Google’s own browser, Google Chrome, takes a lot of information from users, such as bounce rates, page loading speed, visitors, whether your site is bookmarked in other people’s Google Chrome browsers.

As a generation, we are impatient and expect websites to load instantly. If your website gets lots of bounces, then Google will look upon this as that your website has been found for a search term for which the content is not relevant. You can counteract this by making sure that your content is relevant, your page looks good and is easy to navigate, and make sure that, above the fold is something interesting to keep your visitors on your page for long enough for them to get the information that they want.

  • ┬áImage optimisation

Unsure what this is? Use “alt tags” or “alt titles” to tell Google what the image is, otherwise, how will it know what the image is of, or what to rank it for?

One of our Innovation Club members ranks very well on Google Image search for ‘Bespoke Shower Trays’, which brings the company a lot of relevant visits as people like to see images of products, then they follow them to where the image is hosted.

  • Recent content updates

Google likes up-to-date websites; keep yours up to date, especially if the content matters in terms of time. For example, if you’re writing about the 2014 World Cup fixtures, you should update your website as soon as a new fixture is available.

  • Level of content updates

You could update just one word on your homepage, however, if you update a whole paragraph, apparently, this impacts your ranking more positively than just updating the odd few words. You must make sure that your new content is still relevant and includes the correct keywords that you want to rank for, otherwise you may lose your current ranking.

More Search Engine Optimisation Tips

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