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Scammers and how to protect yourself!

Recently one of our clients brought a document they received to our attention.Scammers Letter P.1

This is an example of how scammers may try to exploit you and your business. Many scammers will try the approach you see here; the general idea is to force their target to give them money through seemingly legitimate means. These documents can come in many forms, from emails to physical letters and all of them will most likely look relatively convincing.

Scammers Letter P.2
Scammers Letter P.2

However there is a way to tell Scammers documents apart!

This trick can be easily countered by simply reading the documents you receive carefully. Simple right? Not only that but usually just thinking about the context of the letter will give away its illegitimacy. For example, if you receive one of these letters asking for a payment that you ‘missed’ just think over all of your payments, have you paid them all? Is there anything outstanding? These types of questions will most likely bring to light the sinister nature of these documents.

Or if you have your web services with AsOne just give us a call or forward any correspondence you are unsure about onto us. Protecting yourself from these types of tricks should be of utmost importance, these scams could be extremely detrimental to you and your company. In essence you need to be constantly vigilant, these scams can come along at anytime and could catch you out if you’re not careful potentially leaving you with serious repercussions.

If you have any other queries regarding net safety please call us on 0161 368 9100 or eMail us at here@asone.co.uk