Scam Email from Iraq

We have just received this email from ‘Mr. Adada’ in Iraq. He wants to give us $1.5 Million completely free!

While we’d love to accept his most generous offer, there’s obviously a catch. These types of emails are sent to thousands of people in the hopes that some people are trusting enough to reply to the sender.

It’s likely that ‘Mr. Adada’  will hit an obstacle in his attempts to make you rich. Somewhere during the exchange he will say that he needs money up front to pay an admin fee at the bank, or something similar. These fees are usually in the low thousands, but with a potential return of $1.5 Million some people find it hard to turn down and will willingly hand their hard earned money over to a man they’ve never met.

When you hand over your money for the admin fee you’ll probably never hear from Mr. Adada again. He doesn’t have esophageal cancer and he certainly doesn’t have $15 Million.

Never get roped in to handing over any money online, even if the potential return could make you a millionaire. It’s more likely you’ll end up significantly poorer than before.