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Sample careers the easy way with Savvy Guest

Congratulations to Savvy Guest on their brand new website design and development! Savvy Guest is a unique digital platform that helps facilitate pre-career meet up between company employees and the general public. It gives you the opportunity to meet with and spend a short time with someone in their job role. The simplistic navigation on the website allows you to select from a wide range of locations and sectors from Arts and Theatre to Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals.

  • For Users: Being a Savvy Guest will give you the experience of meeting someone in the job role that you have always wanted to do and ask those questions… how did you get started? What is the career route? What are the tips of the trade and what qualifications and skills do I need? You will be able to ask questions that don’t usually appear on a job description and it will help you to make better choices about your future career options.
  • For Businesses: Savvy Guest has a number of benefits to your company, for example it is a great way of showcasing the brand and values. It also gives businesses a greater opportunity and visibility of the “Savvy Guest CSR Wall Of Fame”. This is a dedicated place on their website to showcase Corporate Social Responsibility activities and share CSR news stories.

If you want join Savvy Guest, the registration process is simple and easy to to. Whether you’re seeking opportunities or offering opportunities as a business, both are free! The online broken down registration form makes it quick and easy to get your user account set up and ready to use.

To find out more, visit their website here.