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When Are Old Customers Better Than New Ones?

2020 has been a topsy turvy year, with uncertainty at every turn. However, there are inevitabilities in every year, and one of them is Christmas. It’s coming, and with it is an opportunity for businesses to recover, with people potentially splashing out even more than usual, with many normal spending avenues, such as hospitality venues, shut. It might be a time where many people branch out further online than they ever have before, and will be buying from stores where they wouldn’t normally shop. Keeping these customers into the New Year could be critical to your business recovery in 2021 – and with a digital marketing package, retargeting customers has never been easier.


Retargeting: Who, Why, How?

Before the age of the internet, retargeting was effectively impossible. A shopper would come into your store, browse, potentially make a purchase and leave. Now though, in the digital age and particularly with the widespread popularity of social media sites, this is not the case.

In the Christmas period, you will get visitors on your website that don’t usually shop with you. Perhaps they’re buying for a friend, or looking to try something completely new for the family this Christmas. In any case, they’re on your site, and it’s your chance to turn them into a repeated customer throughout the year.

By setting up your analytics tracking correctly, you’ll be able to see how each user

a) found your site
b) used your site
c) left your site

And you can use retargeting to maximise all of these pieces of information

If users found your site on Facebook, for example, then you could run a retargeting campaign on the platform to entice them back. You could run products with a promo code for revisiting users, or you could use other customer reviews to push browsers to purchasers

If your customer entered your site on a specific product category, viewed a few products within that category and left without purchase, you need to make sure you stay in that customer’s mind. By serving ads to them either on Google on or social media sites, you’ll keep that decision fresh in their mind and if they do need to make that purchase, they’re more likely to do it from you.

The page a user left your site from could tell you a lot about what stage of the buying process they’re at, and you can shape your marketing messages accordingly. If they left on a product page, then they might need more information about that product. If they left the site with items in their basket, but without completing their purchase, then perhaps offering a small reduction or promo code could nudge them the final part of the way. With retargeting campaigns, you are able to maximise revenue from all of your customers, by providing the most bespoke and tailored information possible over the internet.

Your marketing department should be able to configure your website and your marketing campaigns to incorporate retargeting, and it should be part of your strategy already – but if it isn’t, it should be easily incorporated into your mix. If this isn’t happening at your company currently, then you need to be asking serious questions about why that is. Can you afford not to retarget these customers?

To reap the benefits of retargeting over the festive period and into the New Year, talk to the specialists at AsOne today.