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Retaining your audience

Retaining your audience is an important aspect of success, for any business no matter the size. Making sure that you are retaining your audience each month and that they keep coming back to your business is important and can be hard to do. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are reaching your existing audience through every platform and channel possible. Retaining your audience is as important as reaching a new audience. Having an existing audience that keep coming back to you for a service is important as they will provide your company with honest reviews and opinions.

If your audience did not like a service that they have received or you provided them with a bad user experience and did not resolve the matter then they probably would not return to your company and you could receive some negative reviews. Therefore, even if you do something wrong with your audience or on your social networking sites make sure you take responsibility and apologise to your audience. For example if you write a post on your social networking site with misspelt worlds and a url that goes to the wrong place, take responsibility for this and then post the content again with the correct spelling and url. At the beginning of the post make sure that you apologise for the the wrong post. This will provide your audience with a positive look as you have accepted that you did something wrong and provided your audience with a solution.

Ways of Retaining your Audience…

  • Email MarketingEmail Marketing allows you to send an email out to your audience as often as you like (we recommend at least one a month) where you can include updates within your company, industry news, your latest blog posts, offers, events within your company and anything that your audience would find interesting. Within this content we recommend that you include links back to the relevant pages on your website. This will navigate people back to your website and provide them with an option to find out more information if they wanted to about the content that you are speaking about. If you are emailing your audience at least once a month you are keeping them up to date with what is going on and reminding them that your company is there is they require a service that you offer.
  • Social Networking – If you are posting content onto your varied social networking sites each day you are reaching a new audience as well as keeping your current audience who have already liked your page and followed you, up to date with what is going on. Social Networking allows you to post regular content to your audience and provide them with a link back to your website. When you are posting frequently onto your Social Networking profiles, people feel that your company is human and that they can engage with you and respond back to what you post. This enables you to receive honest reviews and opinions from your audience which other people can then see. If you receive a bad review from a customer don’t worry, just respond back to it politely and provide them with a solution if they would like one, even if that is just a phone call.
  • Blogging – If you are Blogging frequently and on a specific day each week then your audience will know to check back on your website on the day that you post your blog posts to see what you have written, therefore you are retaining your audience. Within your blog post you can include exclusive offers, interesting content that cannot be found on another page on your website and also links which will direct people around your website. This will provide your audience with a good understanding of the service or topic that you are speaking about whilst giving them something back and directing them around your website for further information.

If you would like to know more about retaining your audience and the ways that it can be achieved then please contact us on 0161 368 9100.