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AsOne Served a Helping of Humble Pie for Red Nose day

Red Nose Day

At AsOne we always strive to do our part for charity and help people from around the world who do not have the same start in life as we do. This year we decided to get involved with Red Nose Day on the 24th of March.

We didn’t however, want to just do something simple we wanted to make sure that all of our team members were involved and something which people would definitely want to donate for. That’s when we came up with AsOne’s Pie to the Face. We gave people the opportunity to see one of our team members have delicious pies thrown at them by other team members. We knew that many could not pass up the chance to see one of us get pied!

The rules were simple, people voted for who they wanted to see get a pie in the face by donating to our funding page. £1 was equivalent to 1 vote so the more people donated the more votes the chosen team member received.

After nearly 3 weeks of voting and raising an amazing £261, our eventual winner was Richard O’Brien! He took the serving of humble pie with a smile on his face!

We even had a guest pie thrower! Diane from The Rubbish Removers came along to our event to help us with throwing the pies. (We think she enjoyed it a bit too much!)

Thank you to all who donated!

Red Nose Day