Tameside Radio station launches AsOne iPhone app

WE’VE put our iPhone app expertise to use on the streets of Tameside.

We’ve upgraded an app which we originally produced for Tameside Radio last year and added some fabulous new features.

Tameside Radio asked us to create an IPhone app so that their listeners could hear their station broadcast on-the-go live through their iPhones.

We did. And the app met with a huge response after its launch – there were 145 downloads in the first month.

Then we thought it would be good if Tameside Radio fans could download an up-to-the-minute guide of what’s on in Tameside through the app.

Tameside Radio agreed and this month we launched the upgraded app with the new ‘what’s on feature.

Already there have been over 400 downloads if the app around the world.

Said Joel Rush, Director at AsOne Design: “We’re hoping that the Tameside Radio app has as much success as our Snowi app which was released via the official Apple app store, in the run-up to Christmas. The app which allows users to ‘dress’ a snowman before sending it to friends has been downloaded over 1200 times as far afield as Saudi Arabia and Brazil.”

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