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Using Professional Photography to Enhance a New Build

professional photography

We did some great work in challenging circumstances with SG Equipment – including commissioning professional photography to bring the website to life.

SG Equipment are world leaders in their field, their name synonymous with professionalism and quality – but their digital presence didn’t reflect this. We built a new, sleeker, more commercialised website that more accurately reflected their position in the market – and we commissioned professional photography to replace the old shots they had, which had held them back until our involvement.professional photography

We were proud of the website we were able to build for SG Equipment. Throughout the entire site, we positioned clear “calls to action” and intralinks to relevant information designed to keep the user exploring the site before being encouraged to contact the company. We were pleased with the user-friendly structure of the site, which allowed the professional photography to take centre stage.professional photography

In addition to the professional photography we commissioned, we were also pleased with a number of other parts to this project. SG Equipment are part of The Hyde Group, one of the UK’s largest and most trusted subcontract engineering groups; we established and maintained a good relationship with the Head Office to ensure we met GDPR regulations across the whole of the newly built website. On any brief, we are always keen to work with you to ensure that your website meets the most up-to-date and relevant GDPR legislation.GDPR compliant

We delivered the build  on time and on budget, and both AsOne and SG Equipment were extremely satisfied with the finished product.

We felt that the professional photography really helped us to achieve the commercialisation that was specified in the brief, and we were pleased to build a site that was both GDPR compliant itself and would assist SG Equipment in their future GDPR compliance. The website has a very professional aesthetic and we were pleased to bring SG Equipment’s digital presence in line with their world leading reputation.

If you’d like to talk more with us about how the work we did here is relevant to your digital marketing job, please don’t hesitate to contact us.