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Practicing what I preach

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If you’ve been reading the blogs that I regularly write and publish you’ll have realised that I am a great advocate of industry awards and I frequently encourage businesses to enter for them.

My view is that they’re not just ‘ego-boosters’ for the bosses with a promise of a black tie dinner to look forward to. I firmly believe that entering awards should be a part of every company’s marketing plans.

So, practicing what I preach, the other month AsOne Design entered the ‘Skills for Business Awards 2015’. This time, and rather unusually, I have to admit that our application was prompted by a business colleague, who working from information that I provided, completed and submitted the application on our behalf. The Skills for Business Awards are a very highly regarded annual event celebrating the outstanding contribution that skills and learning make to businesses across Greater Manchester and they are delivered by Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network and Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Hub.

Last week the organisers announced the various category shortlists and I’m delighted to tell you that AsOne Design Limited has been shortlisted for the Creative, Media & Digital Technology Skills for Business Award.

The announcement of the winners and presentation of the awards will now take place on Wednesday 1st July at The Point, Lancashire County Cricket Club.

If we are fortunate enough to win the award, then brilliant. I will be delighted that the effort and energy that we as a company place on developing the skills of our workforce has been recognised. And I won’t be slow in letting everyone – including clients, prospective clients and the general business community know all about our success.

But you know what? If on the other hand we do not win, then I will still regard the process of entering for the awards as a valuable and worthwhile success.

Firstly, simply going through the effort of putting together your application forces you to concentrate on how you run your business. As you put down your presentation you will go through a process of self-analysis that will bring sharply into focus the bad as well as the good sides of your working practices. It’s a process you wouldn’t normally go through unless pressured by the demands of the entry form, so you can see that even this initial stage can prompt you to consider and improve the way you do things.

Secondly, if like we have now you reach the coveted shortlist stage then you’ve got a bonus. In addition to the publicity that will be generated by the awards organisers themselves it’s also a perfect opportunity for you to blow your own trumpet (just like I’m doing now). Reaching this stage of an awards also creates a massive feel-good factor within the office and it’s noticeable how everyone seems more ‘up for it’ than usual.

Thirdly, if on the 1st July AsOne Design limited is announced as a winner then it’s going to be ‘light the blue touch paper’ time for the promotional work that we will build around this prestigious success. Look out for announcements on our website at www.asone.co.uk and in the local business press, as well as a sustained email and social media campaign to spread news of our success. And I’m sure you don’t need telling that I will be mentioning it in our next blog.

Fingers crossed!