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Choosing a PPC Agency to make your Marketing Efforts Pay

PPC Agency

PPC Agency

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a fast and effective method of driving traffic to your website.

If you are struggling to rank organically for your preferred search terms, paid search is an excellent way to push you to the top of the listings and get your website noticed. Alternatively, PPC on the Google Display Network will allow you to capture traffic from people viewing related content on other websites.      

At first sight Google AdWords may appear simple, but if you don’t invest time uncovering suitable keywords to target, perfecting your ad copy and regularly assessing your performance, it could well be money wasted.

Working with an agency like AsOne is the best way to ensure you maximise the value of both your time and your marketing spend.

Using a PPC Agency

Over the past few years marketing agencies have evolved to offer a variety of PPC management services including keyword research, ad implementation and monthly status reports.

Sadly, not all agencies are created equal, and some won’t provide any better results that you could have achieved yourself.

When you trust someone with your money and brand reputation you not only want to save time, but you expect expert knowledge and superior results.

At AsOne we leverage our deep technical expertise to advise clients on the best keywords to target and how to optimise ad copy to ensure we achieve the great results required to drive their businesses forward. We take full control of the management of the PPC platforms to ensure that your investment is well taken care of. When choosing AsOne as your strategic partner you do not have to worry that your marketing spend is being wasted.

PPC in a Broader Digital Strategy

PPC is a core element in the digital marketing arsenal and it is really important to build a strategy that looks at how it fits with your other online and offline marketing efforts.

Maximising your marketing spend often requires a joined up approach, finding the most appropriate methods to target different keywords and different audiences, and being agile enough to adapt these methods over time.
At AsOne, we think about things a little differently. We’re more than just a PPC agency, but a true partner that delivers results by working with you to build a broader digital marketing strategy.  

This includes things like ensuring your messages are consistent across different marketing channels, looking at where you’re getting the best ROI, or more specific approaches like optimising your content for search engines.

We know that getting your digital marketing right can make or break your business, by enabling you to vastly increase the size of your target audience, and we’ve built up years of experience working with growing and established businesses to help them succeed.

If you’re looking for support and guidance to help your business grow, don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our account managers will talk you through how AsOne can help. Contact us on 0161 368 9100 or email here@asone.co.uk.