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Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

Pinterest As A Marketing Tool

Pinterest As A Marketing Tool

Pinterest as a marketing tool has seen massive growth in the short time the social media platform has been in operation. Pinterest has grown from its conception in 2010 to have over 100 million active monthly users with an ever changing demographic. Pinterest has always seen a strong female user base within the 25-35 age group however according to Pinterest, they have seen an increase in male users.

So the question begs, Pinterest as a marketing tool, what can this offer my marketing strategy? Well the whole point of pinterest is to inspire, your boards should reflect this. When thinking of Pinterest as a marketing tool, we want to inspire a prospective client into action. Action is a clear KPI for most marketing activity and should always be a main consideration with any Pinterest strategy.

Looking at a clothing retailer for example, a clear message would be a complete outfit. This would offer an increased basket spend, increased units per transaction and brand loyalty. Statistics of a Pinterest user show that they are 10% more likely to spend than any other social media platform and in comparison to Facebook, they are likely to spend twice as much. With this in mind, if an active Pinterest group is inspired by your boards they are more likely to shop with you and they will spend twice as much comparative to other platforms.

If you are a niche based enterprise such as a cosmetic dentist, Pinterest as a marketing tool is a great way to showcase your services as well as creating a testimonials board. So, you have lots of great photos of the work carried out, client reviews that highlight your expertise, these can be combined to showcase a portfolio that is verified by your own clients. As a selling tool, this is very powerful as a potential customer is able to see the results in a real life setting while gaining the opinion of people who have done it before them. Ensuring call to actions such as “Call Us” or “Register Your Interest” are positioned with your pins allow the client who is now inspired to take action and contact you.

Stereotypically, pins with prices generate 36% more likes and pins without faces generate 23% more. With this in mind, pins need to inspire and show prices as a foundation of a successful Pinterest campaign.

Pinterest as a marketing tool works for your SEO and google ranking as it is fresh content that is updated regularly. A great way of interacting with a Pinterest audience is allowing them to pin for you. Adding “Pin it” buttons allows your customers to share your content freely to people who are similar to them. This is a powerful tool as you are growing your customer base as stereotypically people follow people of similar interests on Pinterest.  

Here at AsOne, we always suggest using Pinterest as a marketing tool, however there are a few steps that must be taken first.

  • Always ensure your Pinterest profile is optimised including your brand name and a strong description of what you do.
  • A verified profile has more authority and Pinterest searches meaning you are likely to be seen more if your profile is verified.
  • Install “Pin it” buttons, let your customers do the work for you. It’s as simple as that.
  • Content should be direct and strong. Pinterest is a visual platform, use targeted text to get your message across as quickly as possible.
  • Always ensure your links are correct as 404 errors hurt your search ranking and it is frustrating for a customer to face a barrier to purchase.
  • Find your area and provide relevant and targeted content.
  • Explore the Rich Pin functions as they offer benefits such helping search rank and customer acquisition.

Here at AsOne Creative Digital Marketing, we value the importance of using Pinterest as a marketing tool. Pinterest should be included in all social strategy with special attention paid to the added benefits of search ranking and inspiration. We pride ourselves on being experts on Pinterest, we are passionate about your online health and will always offer strategic advice this is tailored to your goals and solutions.