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Pigs In Muck Cake

Pigs In Muck Cake

I’m now well into my first week at AsOne and really enjoying being here. Before joining the team, I had a quick browse through AsOne’s Twitter account to see what the team got up to and I spotted that there was an ongoing cake baking contest between everybody at the office.

As my mum is an amateur cake designer, I thought I’d impress on my first day by bringing one of her custom designed cakes for the team to share (which seems to have gone down well!)

Pigs In Muck Cake

She decided to test out something new and try out the pigs in muck cake as you can see below. The walls were made from Kit-Kats, the pigs, the sheep, rocks, the green patterned floor and the grass were all icing. The top shiny layer was a sort of chocolate fudge covering a few layers of chocolate sponge with chocolate cream icing between the layers.Pigs In Muck Cake

Everything was edible (Apart from the blue ribbon), has been eaten and it was definitely enjoyed.

Can I have a corner piece please?

The only mistake was that now I can’t cheat to win the AsOne baking contests, and if I do well, they probably won’t believe me!