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Pictures: Correctly Labelling Them

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There are three main aspects that you should pay close attention to whilst uploading a picture to your website or blog.

  1. File Name
  2. Title
  3. Alt Name

Before uploading your image to your website or blog, make sure you rename it with an accurate file name.

AsOne Picture Name Example 

Realistically, who is going to be searching for IMG_1305.JPG? Nobody. They will possibly be searching for whatever your photo contains.

Secondly, change the title of your image to describe what the image is, potentially including your keyword.

Finally, the alt image title is what would show if for some reason your picture didn’t show – you wouldn’t want it to say IMG_1305.JPG, you’d want it to say what the image is meant to be. Generally, if the image didn’t show, it would be a problem at your end, and you’d need to get it fixed. However, the problem could be the user’s computer or browser.

It really is worth going back through all of your pictures and making sure they all have relevant, descriptive titles and alt titles as you don’t just want to rank well for new content, you want to rank well for old content too – why wouldn’t you? It will still bring relevant visitors to your site.

Pinterest Picture Sharing

A lot of people are using Pinterest these days. It is a picture based social platform where users ‘pin’ pictures that they like to a virtual board for other users to see. It’s another version of sharing.

The website/app pulls pictures from websites along with their titles and URL, then shares them to all of the user’s followers. You wouldn’t want their share to say IMG_1305.JPG would you?

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