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The Strategic Importance of Paid Search vs. Organic Listing

Paid Marketing
Paid search
Paid search

Paid search is an excellent way to get your website noticed fast.

But getting it right can be a challenge, and there are lots of things to take into consideration, such as:

  • Which keywords will have the most impact?
  • How it fits with your organic search strategy?
  • Whether you will bid on your brand keywords?

With deep industry expertise, AsOne can act as your strategic advisor, helping to identify the best search terms to target to ensure that you get a meaningful ROI from your campaign. We will also be able to advise on whether paid search is the right option for you, or if your money would be better spent on remarketing across the Google Display Network.

Plan your keywords to Maximise your Budget

Whether you decide to use a PPC agency, or go it alone, you have to make sure that you approach paid search in a strategic way.

Many companies make the mistake of rushing into paid search and lose money by targeting the wrong keywords that deliver no benefit to their business.

If you are investing in SEO marketing, a good understanding of how you perform for various key search terms is vital as this will also impact the phrases that you decide to bid on.

Cannibalisation and Branded Terms

Your natural instinct might tell you not to bid on your brand keywords if you already rank well in the organic results. The concern is that by bidding on brand terms, you will cannibalise your organic search traffic.

Why pay for clicks that you would have received anyway?

But recent research from Bing shows that this is only partially true and in fact bidding specifically on brand terms can be both an excellent offensive and defensive strategy.

Occupying the top spot in the organic listing, as well as having a paid ad presence on the page resulted in the following outcomes:

  • A 31% increase in traffic overall
  • Far fewer clicks to competitors
  • 11% cannibalisation

According to the Bing’s analysis, retailers who used this approach received a staggering 91% of the clicks for their target keywords. And by occupying more space on the page, there is far less opportunity for your competitors to encroach.

The best way to decide whether bidding on branded terms is the right thing for your business is to simply do a small scale trial and analyse the results.
AsOne can help you to implement a strategy like this, tailoring the approach for different search terms to maximise your investment and ultimately give you the edge over your competitors.Get in contact with us by calling 0161 368 9100 or email here@asone.co.uk