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Leveraging Paid Marketing to Leapfrog your Competition

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The volume of business conducted online continues to grow at a staggering rate year on year and the internet has now become a truly global marketplace, not just for products, but for every type of service imaginable. As a result, paid marketing is now a vital tool for businesses looking to promote their services online.

In moments of need, individuals increasingly turn to the internet for answers or support from third parties to help them find the right answers. Does your current marketing strategy position you in the best light to respond to these queries?

Benefits of Paid Marketing

Paid marketing has several benefits over other types of digital marketing including:

paid marketing
  • Quicker time to value – While content marketing and SEO can take many months of patience and iteration before you start to see results, paid marketing can have a benefit almost immediately. 
  • Easily measurable ROI – As there is no delay between running your campaign and seeing the results, you can very easily work out how successful the campaign was, and calculating ROI is straightforward. This enables you to see exactly which campaigns are profitable and which you should stop. How well you understand the ROI of your current campaigns?
  • Highly targetedPaid marketing enables you to reach the right people from the outset, which saves you wasting time talking to unqualified leads. 

There are two core platforms for paid marketing, and the approach varies slightly for each:

  • Paid search ads – Using paid search marketing ensures you hold the key positions for target keywords in the search engine rankings. This has important literal and also psychological benefits as it puts you ahead of your competition and makes you first choice to address your customers concerns.  
  • Paid social – Paid marketing can also leverage social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. As online networks become of greater significance for conducting business, are you using paid ads effectively to reach the key decision-makers?

Paid Marketing as a component of your wider strategy

At AsOne we work with clients from a range of industries to create holistic digital business development strategies that help businesses thrive over the long term. 

While paid marketing is such a powerful tool, for professional services firms it is most effective when combined with other types of marketing. For example, content marketing enables you to build up a body of work that establishes you as an expert in your field. 

For more information on paid marketing and how it can help speed up the growth of your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert marketers. 

For businesses based in the North East of England, the NEBSF funding scheme could help you get up to 40% off the cost of your first project. Feel free to ask if you have any questions, or to see if you qualify.

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