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Organic vs Paid Social Media

Social media over the years has become a phenomenon, it continues to be a staple in marketing strategies due to its success. To build a great social media profile for you business, both organic and paid social media are the best tools to leverage your engagement, reach and impact.

Want to find out whether organic vs paid social media will be best for your business? To save yourself extensive research, it’s both! Organic and paid content holds different benefits for reaching your business’s goals. Having organic and paid content in your social media marketing strategy can engage users, develop relationships and gain new customers.

What is organic content?

Organic content is a marketing strategy which helps you naturally generate traffic to your website, engage users and build relations between your brand and your users. Being a free way to advertise, organic content includes blog posts, Facebook posts, Tweets, case studies and Instagram posts.

Benefits of organic content:

  • It’s free
  • Builds a relationship with users 
  • Brand awareness
  • Promotes your services/products 

What is paid content?

Paid social media allows you to share content with a specific targeted audience who are likely to be interested in your service or product on popular social media platforms. There are different types of paid content from display ads, pay-per-click (PPC), and influencer content. 

Benefits of paid content:

  • Reaches a larger audience 
  • Targets your ideal customer
  • Brings in new leads and conversations
  • Able to control the costs to align with your budget and goals

What we suggest

Our expert team has implemented both organic and paid content for a number of our clients and understands the power they both hold towards meeting your business’s goals. Social media is forever evolving and making an impact solely on organic content is a thing of the past, with only 5.20% of users seeing organic content on Facebook and paid Facebook ads reaching up to 62.6% of their audience. Organic content should be posted on a more regular basis compared to paid content as it is there to build a relationship between the brand and the user.

  • Instagram 3 – 5 posts a week
  • Twitter 2 – 3 times per day
  • Facebook 1 – 2 per day
  • LinkedIn 1 – 2 per day
  • TikTok 2 – 5 a week

However, using solely just paid content can also have a lesser effect, users need to build a connection with a brand before they engage with ads. The best way to ensure your content is going to achieve the best results is to have a balance of organic and paid social media.

At AsOne, we have experts who specialise in social media. Managing and scheduling organic as well as paid content to ensure our clients reach their goals. Get in touch today to learn how AsOne could revolutionise your social media.