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Online eCommerce – Getting Ready for Mother’s Day

Online eCommerce

A steady flow of traffic and sales all year round is great on your online eCommerce shop, but you can increase your revenue further by embracing seasonal periods or targeting specific public holidays. This will give you additional spikes in revenue that you might otherwise have missed.

With Mother’s Day approaching fast, are there steps that your business could take to win some extra customers?Online eCommerce

Seasonal Online eCommerce Considerations 

To ensure that you are properly set up to embrace public holidays and other special events, there are several things that you can and should do:

  • Seasonal promotions – Setting up promotions that cater for a specific occasion is a great place to start. You could build a bespoke landing page that includes all your products that relate to the event. You might also want to create a specific discount code to help people make up their mind.
  • Targeted marketing – Planning in advance for special occasions will allow you to integrate them with your marketing plan. For instance you could write a series of blog posts in the run up to the event, buy ads targeting relevant keywords, or build up interest in any promotions among your social media following.
  • Think creatively – You might find that your competitors all look to offer some sort of promotion or deal for each particular event. By thinking creatively and working with the creatives types from an agency like AsOne, you can devise marketing strategies that will stand out from the crowd.
  • Test and re-test – If you’re hoping for an influx of traffic it is vital that you test your site to ensure that it can cope. Is your eCommerce platform scalable enough to deal with the sort of volume that you’re hoping for? This applies equally to your offline processes that keep your business running.
  • Cyber secure – Make sure you also examine your cyber security processes and procedures. If you are handling customer data, is essential that you take sufficient steps to protect and control it. Since the GDPR regulation came into force last year failing to look after your customers’ data, or secure the right permissions from them, could see you hit by some heavy fines.

Preparing for Mother’s Day

As an example, here are steps you could follow to prepare for Mother’s Day in a few weeks’ time:

  • Update your homepage with a Mother’s Day inspired logo or banner and links to appropriate products.
  • Build a bespoke landing page, showing your most relevant Mother’s Day inspired gifts.
  • Put together a content calendar targeting specific search terms relating to Mother’s Day and your products, aim the traffic at your bespoke landing page. Similarly promote through your social media channels.
  • Review your GDPR policies and check that your site is secure, including making sure that you have up to date SSL certificates.

Online eCommerce – AsOne Style

At AsOne we’re constantly finding new ways to help our clients increase their revenue. We’ve built eCommerce sites in a range of industries and have devised strategies that have allowed these sites to flourish over time. In many of these strategies we’ve found targeting specific events or special occasions with short term tactical campaigns can pay dividends in the long run.  

For more information on how you get your online eCommerce business ready for Mother’s Day, or other seasonal events, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our expert team. Contact us today.