Salvere’s New Website Goes Live.

Salvere, a longstanding client of ours, decided to update their website with the aim of being more accessible to their clients.

From meetings between the teams, we came up with a fresh new design, which includes a blog to keep everybody updated and a live chat option to give real-time answers to any questions unanswered by the FAQ.

Salvere’s services

Their team help to organise, buy and manage the care and services needed to make a person’s life better, including building a support plan and helping to employ personal assistants.

We are helping thousands of people to make a plan of support so that they make the right decisions about buying the right levels of support.

To summarise, what we’ve done for is re-develop their old website to a new, better looking, more dynamic, updatable, easy to share website with the ability to use the live chat option.

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