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National Tell a Story Day

Today is National Tell a Story Day! We asked several of our team members to come up with their very own stories for National Tell a Story Day. These were the tales that our team members had to tell:

Richard’s Story – Are you joking?!

There was once a girl named Lauren, who started life as a peasant girl in rural Clayton. Life was hard for Lauren and she spent her days farming the land & dreaming of a better life where she could run free without all of the hardship.

One day, on a cold December morning a magical machine appeared with all of its bright lights flashing. From inside the Machine appeared a man called Daniel who said, “Lauren if you want to escape this hard life come with me and enjoy a life on the road”. Lauren was so mesmerised by Daniel the trucker she got straight in and waved goodbye to her life in Clayton. Daniel & Lauren travelled for many days and nights until they arrived in Hastings where Daniel lived. Upon seeing Hastings for the first time, Lauren was excited for her new life and eager for it to start.

After a few days, Daniel & Lauren went into the town to do some shopping. To Lauren’s horror, Daniel left her abandoned there, screaming “ARE YOU JOKING!”, she would never see him again. Alone & distraught Lauren wondered what she would do and after a few nights of sleeping rough, she decided that she must go home to Clayton. Lauren went to the local council office and begged them for help. They put her on the first train back to Manchester & her heart was lifted.

Upon seeing Clayton, Lauren was so emotional to be home that she broke down and stated that she had never been happier. Lauren went back to her shack and started the process of rebuilding her life. However, while she was gone, the shack she called home had been torn down by the council and she actually had nowhere to live. Deciding that her life is going to change, Lauren found a new house and converted her attic to a painter’s studio where she now works with pink bobbles in her hair. Best of all, her new neighbour and Spirit brother “Sherri-joe” took Lauren under his wing and showed her how to make the most of her new life.
Sherri-joe & Lauren now have their very own shack together on the original land Lauren used to work all those years ago now wearing those pink bobbles while raising her quails. Daniel, on the other hand, can be found at a truck stop near you, just don’t get into his van as this only leads to broken promises.

Laurens Story – I shouldn’t have eaten that – The life of Richard de’Lioncourt

There was once a small boy called Richard. Richard fantasised of the day that he could venture out into the big open world and follow his dreams of becoming a supermodel. However, Richards mother Kim was very strict and did not like the idea of Richard becoming a supermodel, instead Kim wanted Richard to follow in his brother Daniel’s footsteps and become a truck driver – Kim thought this was more realistic and would guarantee food on the table each week.

This was the last thing Richard wanted to do. So instead, Richard set out a plan to fulfil his dream and become the next Naomi Campbell. Richard had the looks, personality and charisma to succeed in the industry but how would he even get started?

Richard had an ‘acquaintance’ called Lauren who he knew could help him be in the right place at the right time and with the right people. All he would have to do then is make himself known and remembered. What everyone seemed to forget though was Richard was an elaborate individual, who could command the presence of a room in an instance.

Lauren arranged for the pair of them to go to an event at Rhodes studio in Manchester. The event was going to be filled with numerous stars and industry professionals looking for the next ‘big thing’. Could this be Richard De’Lioncourt?

The pair arrived in their best attire – Lauren in a beautiful couture dress and Richard wearing what could only be described as a Balenciaga dream. All eyes were on Richard.

The first person to make contact was global megastar Madam Rhodes herself! Richard found himself engaging in light conversation and ‘banter’ with the star.

But what happened next could only be described as.. well… commanding the presence that was needed.

Did Richard do enough to become the next rising star? Find out in the next chapter of ‘I shouldn’t have eaten that’.

Joels story – The story of how _______ and ______ _____

As you can see we have some creative minds here at AsOne on National Tell a Story Day! Keep up to date with the strange and wonderful national days on our Twitter and Facebook.