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National Superhero Day!

National Superhero Day

Today marks the day of national superhero day!

We have all dreamed at some point in our lives what we would be like if we were to have our very own super powers. We would be able to move mountains, scale buildings and create money out of thin air. Some of us would just like to be able to create desserts out of nothing (Some of us are easily pleased!).

So for national superhero day, we asked our team members to dream up their very own superhero alter ego. Who they would like to be if they had the chance to save the world every day.  Take a look at the superhero’s hidden within our team members:

Click on the images to zoom in.

So who was your favourite superhero that our team created? National superhero day shows that there is a hero in each and every one of us just waiting to burst out! We enjoy getting to see the individuality of our team members and what their imagination can come up with.

Who would you be if you were given the chance to be your very own superhero?

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