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Participating in National Career Week

Russell Scott - Career Week

National Career Week with Russell Scott Primary School!

Russell Scott - Career WeekWe are looking forward to supporting Russell Scott Primary School tomorrow by participating in an inspirational day of activities as part of National Careers Week. The career week event for 9 – 11-year-olds, aims to begin to open pupils eyes to the wide array of careers and jobs by inviting industry representatives to share their stories and experiences in the industry.

Joel Rush, AsOne’s Director & co-founder member of The Digital And Creative Network, will be talking about his journey into his career within creative digital media and what inspired him to move into the world of technology when as a boy he was more interested in building with lego, holding a childhood ambition of becoming an architect. Joel hopes to inspire his audience during the career event by sharing his story and that of his own son, who at the age of 10 years old took his first steps into mobile app development with the use of simple and accessible online software.

DCN - Career Week

The event aims to provide an insight into the world of careers and give an understanding of the minimum level of basic skills required for the vast majority of jobs. It’s widely recognised that young people often leave education without a true understanding of the commercial expectations of the workplace. This career week event will help to close the gap between education and business whilst engaging in an inspirational day for everyone to enjoy. We are looking forward to attending the event and meeting the future generation.  

The Digital and Creative Network has a vested interest in the next generation of creative and digital minds to ensure that the digital and creative industries remain strong both locally and nationally. If you would like to know more about the digital and creative industries in relation to education, please get in touch and contact the DCN.