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Ensuring Your Website Is Mobile Responsive

How a responsive website looks on other devices.

It is hard to find someone now who does not own a smartphone or even a tablet. In February 2018, 83% of Britons said they owned a smartphone, according to research by Statista. Further research by the same company suggested that by the end of 2017, more than half of all webpages were served on mobile devices – so having a mobile responsive site has never been more important.

What is a mobile responsive site?

Simply to be mobile responsive means your website will change to automatically fit the dimensions of the phone or tablet that a user accesses the site from. There is nothing more irritating than tapping onto a website to have to constantly pinch the screen in and out to read text or view a product; or worse, having half the text cut off because it will not fit onto the screen. With a mobile responsive website, your user will have to do none of that, as the website will adapt to the screen that the user is on. With so many people now using their smartphones and tablets to look at websites instead of taking to their laptops or computers, it’s no surprise that so many companies are coding mobile responsive sites; indeed, to do otherwise would be a waste of time and resources, and would represent a seriously poor business decision.

mobile responsive

How to check if you’re mobile responsive

To check if you have a mobile responsive website all you need to do is take a mobile-friendly test from the developers at Google to see if your website is mobile responsive. Once you have entered your website’s URL, it will tell you whether your site is mobile responsive or not. Along with giving you a screenshot of what your site looks like on a mobile device, it will highlight any issues in your code that may be causing mobile problems.

As we’ve already said, a website that was not mobile responsive would be an awful business decision – so every site built by AsOne is mobile responsive as standard. Contact us on 0161 368 9100 or drop us an email at here@asone.co.uk and we’ll get you up to speed, and open you back up to more than half the market.